The Newton Now Mission

The Newton Now Mission

Nohing can change without a movement, whether it be small or large. For years, Harvey County’s favorite Marketing Dude, Bruce Beyhmer, former Kansas Publishing Ventures (KPV) Owner Joel Klaassen, and myself (Joey Young, current KPV Owner) have been asked about Newton and why we weren’t opening a paper there.

A wonderful community without a wonderful newspaper to serve it, Newton has been underserved for years, ever since its daily paper was sold to Gatehouse, a company that owns hundreds of newspapers, has no real community involvement, and sees journalism as a cookie cutter commodity to sell.

We are the opposite of Gatehouse. The community is what it is all about for our publishing company?Kansas Publishing Ventures.

Our mission will be to cover Newton and North Newton better than anyone else could want to. Why? Because national and world news don’t belong in a community newspaper.

You can get those things elsewhere, and you can get daily regional coverage elsewhere, too. That is why we are going to focus on giving you amazing community-oriented stories from Newton and North Newton, and that is it.

Everything will be about our community. Local news and government coverage. Local sports coverage both of Newton High School and Bethel College. Local business stories. Local features on folks from Newton and ties to this community. And, finally, local opinion and editorials, because we believe in the paper being a voice in the community.

That is it.

Local community journalism isn’t complicated. We intend to deliver it both in print and online. Will you help us? Will you be a part of the movement?

We can’t succeed in our mission without your support. A small company doesn’t go head-to-head with a big company and win without local support. We need you. Support the little guys and bring community journalism back to Newton. Subscribe today!

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